Hope Was Here Character Descriptions

Joan Bauer
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Hope Yancy

This character is a sixteen-year-old girl who is being raised by a family member. She was only two pounds when she was born and the doctors didn't give her very good odds of pulling through.

G. T. Stoop

This character is a man in his late fifties who owns a diner in Mulhoney, WI, named Welcome Stairways.

Aunt Addie

This character took in her niece when her mother didn't want to raise her. She is a hard worker and very proud of her cooking abilities.


This person is the grill cook at the diner. He put off going to college to help care for his sick mother and little sisters.

Lou Ellen

This character, another waitress at the diner, has a baby daughter who becomes very ill.

Eli Millstone

This character was Mayor of Mulhoney for eight years. He faces a challenge during his reelection...

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