Hope Was Here Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Joan Bauer
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Chapters 1 and 2

• Chapter 1: Hope Yancy is a teenager who lives with her aunt Addie; Hope's mother gave Hope to her sister (Addie) after Hope was born. Hope works as a waitress while Addie is a cook. They work at various restaurants but always remain together, which Hope appreciates.

• Chapter 2: Hope doesn't know who her father is but keeps a scrapbook of her life to show him if and when they ever meet. Hope and Addie are leaving New York to go work at another diner in Mulhoney, WI. The diner is called "Welcome Stairways" and Hope is anxious about moving from a big city to such a small town.

Chapters 3 and 4

• Chapter 3: Hope and Addie go to the Welcome Stairways diner to eat but don't say who they are. Afterward, in their new apartment, they talk about why they had to leave the restaurant in New York. Although...

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