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Short Answer Questions

1. What had Mullet Fingers left on Officer Delinko’s car?

2. Where did Roy tell his mother he is headed before dinner at the beginning of Chapter Fifteen?

3. What did Curly place all around the outside of the trailer?

4. Where did Roy send Dana to pick up the hidden object(s)?

5. Why did Beatrice leave the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Roy set Dana up to be blamed for the mischief at the construction site, and how did it backfire on Roy?

2. What truth did Roy point out to Dana when he visited Dana at home?

3. What was Mullet Fingers’ final plan to help the owls on the day of the groundbreaking ceremony?

4. How do Roy’s Parents feel toward Mullet Fingers?

5. What was Roy’s plan involving his mother’s camera?

6. What was Officer Delinko daydreaming about when he tripped over an owl burrow?

7. How does Roy know that his dad cared about the owls too?

8. How did the protest end up becoming successful?

9. What was the dichotomy of morals between Mother Paula and Kimberly Lou Dixon?

10. Why was Dana almost certainly facing juvenile hall after being caught at the construction site?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Roy and Beatrice’s relationship evolves throughout the book. How does their relationship begin, and what does it become? What reasons caused the evolution to occur?

Essay Topic 2

Loyalty is a theme in Hoot. Which characters show loyalty? To whom or what, and how do they show it? How important is loyalty to different characters?

Essay Topic 3

Roy cares deeply about his parents, and frequently thinks about how his actions will affect them. What are some examples from the book that demonstrate Roy’s care for his parents? Why do you suppose he worries about them so much?

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