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Short Answer Questions

1. The pancake construction site is located on what street?

2. Where did Dana take Roy after school to beat him up?

3. What was Curly afraid of in Chapter Eleven?

4. What did the inside of the truck Beatrice took Roy to smell like?

5. How did the fight between Roy and Dana get broken up?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Beatrice interact with Roy’s mother the first time they meet? What does this tell readers about Beatrice?

2. What situation does the author include at the end of Chapter Seven for humor?

3. What happens in the first interaction between the barefoot boy and Roy?

4. What items did Roy find at the barefoot boy’s camp?

5. What happened to Roy when he followed the running boy in Chapter Two?

6. What situation in Montana did the snakes remind Roy of?

7. What happened to Curly’s television when he was spending the night in the trailer, and what was it symbolic of?

8. Why is Curly’s name ironic?

9. How are animals used as symbolism in Chapter Eight?

10. Describe the scene Officer Delinko saw when he was scouting out the construction site at 5 a.m. in Chapter Four.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Roy cares deeply about his parents, and frequently thinks about how his actions will affect them. What are some examples from the book that demonstrate Roy’s care for his parents? Why do you suppose he worries about them so much?

Essay Topic 2

First impressions of characters are not always accurate. Describe one character in Hoot whom ended up being very different than your first impression of them. How did they surprise you? Were you happy that they turned out differently than you thought they would? Why might the author misrepresent someone at first to readers?

Essay Topic 3

Authors pick titles very particularly, as they are one of the first ways a potential reader gets to know the book. Why might the author have chosen Hoot as the title of this novel? Do you feel it is an appropriate title? If you had to pick a different title, what would you pick, and why?

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