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Short Answer Questions

1. How much did it cost to get the black paint off of the police car windows?

2. What did Beatrice tell Roy’s mother that she and Roy were planning to do?

3. Why did Roy tell his parents he ran from the bus after fighting?

4. Where was Roy born?

5. Why did Officer Delinko want to start coming in to his shifts earlier?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Officer Delinko offer to personally pay the bill for his patrol car?

2. What favor did Roy ask of Garrett at the beginning of Chapter Four?

3. How did Officer Delinko plan to abide by his punishment at work, but still scope out the construction site?

4. What does it suggest to readers when Officer Delinko asks Curly about what will happen to the owls?

5. How does Beatrice explain who the barefoot boy is and why he is in hiding?

6. How can Officer Delinko’s handcuffs be seen as symbolism?

7. What is the relationship between Roy and Dana Matherson, as revealed in the bus ride in Chapter One?

8. What about Officer Delinko’s interaction with Curly in Chapter One shows how different their personalities are?

9. What evidence has been shown in the novel so far that Roy tends to internalize issues and blame himself – even when it’s clearly not his fault?

10. How does Beatrice interact with Roy’s mother the first time they meet? What does this tell readers about Beatrice?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Roy’s mother gives him the advice that when a situation is unclear if it is right or wrong, consider what both your head and your heart is saying before deciding which way to go. What is an example from the novel of a dilemma Roy faces where he uses the technique his mother told him about? What does he decide to do ultimately?

Essay Topic 2

Every novel has a genre, a way of categorizing it in literature. What genre is Hoot? What evidence from the book supports your choice of genre?

Essay Topic 3

Loyalty is a theme in Hoot. Which characters show loyalty? To whom or what, and how do they show it? How important is loyalty to different characters?

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