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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although Roy didn’t want to answer all of Kelly Colfax’s questions, what didhe want to get across to her?
(a) He wanted to have a meeting with Chuck Muckle.
(b) He wanted to commend Officer Delinko.
(c) He wanted to talk about the owls.
(d) He wanted to talk about Mullet Fingers.

2. What sound did the baby owl make?
(a) Tweet!
(b) Whoosh!
(c) Ooo!
(d) Heh!

3. What type of book did Roy use in his explanation to his father?
(a) A bird guide.
(b) A dictionary.
(c) A novel.
(d) A diary.

4. Why did Beatrice leave the hospital?
(a) She was afraid of getting caught.
(b) To feed her cat.
(c) To get some food.
(d) To cook her dad dinner.

5. What was missing from the file Roy’s dad copied?
(a) Land ownership papers.
(b) A certificate to build.
(c) An E.I.S.
(d) An E.O.I.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Beatrice hide all afternoon?

2. To what position was Chuck Muckle demoted?

3. What was wrong with the construction machines in Chapter Fifteen?

4. During what season was the new pancake house supposed to open?

5. How did Roy’s mom feel about him leaving school to go to the groundbreaking ceremony?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who demonstrates leadership in Chapter Twenty, and in what way(s)?

2. How did Beatrice really break her tooth?

3. What was Roy’s first impression of Lonna?

4. What were the results of the E.I.S. the Mother Paula Company did and what was done with the report?

5. How do Roy’s Parents feel toward Mullet Fingers?

6. What does Dana’s dad’s reaction to Roy on his doorstep suggest to readers?

7. What piece of evidence told Officer Delinko that Dana Matherson wasn’t the person behind the disturbances at the construction site?

8. What advice did Roy’s mom give him about deciding if something is right or wrong?

9. How does Officer Delinko figure out that Dana is not the construction site vandal?

10. What woke Officer Delinko up from his daydream during his night shift, and what is the symbolism of this?

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