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You Big Bully!

Roy is unfortunate enough to be bullied by both a male (Dana) and female (Beatrice) bully at school. Find a creative way to compare/contrast Beatrice and Dana as bullies. Which would you be more afraid of?

Plan of Attack

Mullet Fingers comes up with some wild plans to delay the construction. Come up with your own plan to delay the construction and save the burrowing owls.


If you had to choose one of the characters in Hoot to be best friends with, whom would you choose and why?

Character Foil

Which character in Hoot is similar to you? Explain what you have in common with one of the characters.

Genre Switch

Select a different genre for Hoot and describe what would need to change in the story to become your new genre. For example, if the genre were changed to a romantic comedy...

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