Hoot Character Descriptions

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Roy Eberhardt

This character is the novel’s protagonist who ends up standing up to the school bully and befriending a runaway.

Dana Matherson

This is a bully who smokes cigarettes. He ends up in juvenile detention.


This very fast runner is Roy’s best friend.

David Delinko

This character is a police officer who would like to be a detective one day.

Curly/Leroy Branitt

This bald, cranky character is in charge of keeping the construction for the next Mother Paula’s All-American Pancake House on schedule.


This character is the first kid who is nice to Roy at his new school.

Viola Hennepin

This character is the vice president at Trace Middle School.

Beatrice Leep

This character is tall, has curly blonde, and wears red-framed glasses.

Mrs. Eberhardt

This character is a mother who is ultimately very proud of her son for standing up...

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