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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 12, when Duncan surprises Madelyne and Adela in Adela's room, why does Adela smile at Duncan?
(a) Because Duncan tells a joke.
(b) Because Duncan gives Adela a kind greeting.
(c) Because Duncan sings Adela a song.
(d) Because Duncan pokes fun at Madelyne.

2. According to Chapter 11, what is unusual about Duncan when he finds Madelyne?
(a) Duncan just wakes up.
(b) Duncan is carrying a Bible.
(c) Duncan is bare-chested and soaking wet.
(d) Duncan is carrying a tankard of ale.

3. Why is Madelyne embarrassed in Chapter 12?
(a) Because the room she is cleaning is still dirty.
(b) Because she looks disheveled.
(c) Because Duncan yells at her in front of Adela.
(d) Because Duncan yells at her in front of Gilard.

4. Why does Madelyne end up in the middle of the battle?
(a) Duncan is too busy searching for Louddon to think of her safety.
(b) She inadvertently directs the horse into the center of the battle.
(c) Duncan brings the battle to Madelyne.
(d) Louddon lures her into the middle of the battle.

5. What is in the chapel that Madelyne wants to retrieve?
(a) Madelyne's burlap satchel.
(b) Madelyne's prayer beads.
(c) Madelyne's dagger.
(d) Madelyne's best friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the battle at Louddon's castle, Madelyne decides she tries to save whom?

2. Why is it important to Duncan and Gilard that Louddon value Madelyne?

3. After Madelyne's first meal in the hall of Duncan's fortress, what is happening when Duncan appears in the hall?

4. As Louddon is a powerful man, why is he still afraid of Duncan?

5. Who is Anthony?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which other men does Duncan notice are attracted to Madelyne?

2. Madelyne promises Adela that she obtains a promise from Duncan that is slightly deceitful. What is the promise and how is it deceitful?

3. Why does Madelyne refuse to let Simon save her?

4. What information does Madelyne get from her conversation with Adela in Chapter 10?

5. What concerns does Adela have about being with child due to the rape?

6. Describe Adela's physical appearance when Madelyne first meets her.

7. How does a new found friendship with Madelyne transform Adela?

8. Why is Madelyne repulsed at the meal in the great hall?

9. What is Madelyne's reaction to hearing that Duncan and Gilard are going to war because of a sister?

10. Why does Duncan decide to allow the battle to take place before they reach his castle?

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