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Julie Garwood
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Madelyne and Adela discuss before they go to dinner with Gerald?
(a) The incident with Silenus.
(b) What Gerald looks like.
(c) Madelyne and Duncan's relationship.
(d) The wolf dog.

2. According to Chapter 22, what is the first thing that Duncan says to Madelyne when she sees him at the cottage?
(a) I've come for you, Madelyne.
(b) I love you, Madelyne.
(c) You are my greatest treasure.
(d) Madelyn, I am here for you.

3. When Madelyne arrives at Father Berton's tiny cottage, how does she find him?
(a) In failing health and dull of mind.
(b) Unable to concentrate on her story.
(c) Dying from Louddon's treachery.
(d) Lonely for companionship.

4. Why does the king believe Madelyne's testimony?
(a) Because the king knows that Madelyne lies for her husband.
(b) Because Madelyne makes the king laugh.
(c) Because Louddon describes her to the king as a scrupulously honest woman.
(d) Because the king knows Louddon to lie.

5. Why does Duncan leave Anthony behind at the fortress when he is summoned to London?
(a) All of the above.
(b) Duncan wants Anthony to protect Madelyne.
(c) Duncan wants Anthony to protect "his greatest treasure".
(d) None of the above.

6. What about the disagreement between the two warring barons displeases the king the most?
(a) His throne is threatened by the barons' disagreement.
(b) The expense from the country's coffers.
(c) Slain soldiers and multiple versions of the same story.
(d) The possibility that his brother Henry uses this against him.

7. Who explains to Gilard that Duncan loves Madelyne?
(a) Adele.
(b) Duncan.
(c) Edmond.
(d) Madelyne.

8. Why does Madelyne say during the marriage ceremony that she willingly takes the groom as her husband?
(a) She is gloriously happy to be wed.
(b) She is afraid that Gilard is going to challenge Duncan.
(c) She is reading the words written for her to say, but saying them against her will.
(d) She is being forced to lie.

9. Madelyne writes a message for Anthony to the king. What does the message say?
(a) Duncan does not return to the fortress and has no knowledge of the king's demand.
(b) Madelyne is prepared to travel to London the next day.
(c) Madelyne and Adele are prepared to travel to London the next day.
(d) Duncan respectfully refuses to honor the king's request.

10. What happens to Father Laurence's hands?
(a) He accidently dyes his hands semi-permanently while making wine.
(b) He loses a finger in a freak accident.
(c) He loses the use of his hands after having a stroke.
(d) He burns his hands in an unexplained accident.

11. In view of the upsetting conversation about Madelyne, what does Edmond suggest for Adela?
(a) Adela accompanies Madelyne to London.
(b) Adela is sent to visit Catherine.
(c) Adela marries.
(d) Adela goes to the convent.

12. After Madelyne redoes the hall, it resembles what other place?
(a) The chapel.
(b) The tower room.
(c) The hall in Louddon's castle.
(d) A hall in a story about Sparta that Madelyne learns from her uncle.

13. Who is Henry?
(a) The king's youngest brother.
(b) A Scot related to Catherine's husband.
(c) The heir to King William.
(d) Gerald's yougest brother.

14. In Chapter 13, what does Madelyne speak of in order to calm her mind?
(a) The stories she learns as a child living at Grinsteade holding.
(b) The wolf dog on the hill.
(c) The story of how she saves Duncan's life at Louddon's castle.
(d) A visit to her cousin's home in Scotland.

15. Why is Madelyne embarrassed after she sings?
(a) Her hands shake so much that she plays wrong notes.
(b) She is unused to compliments.
(c) She falls off of the stool.
(d) She makes several ear-wincing mistakes singing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What legitimate breach does Duncan commit against the king?

2. Who or what almost destroys Gerald?

3. Who is Rinehold?

4. What is the reason that Duncan gives Madelyne for failing to take his nightly swim?

5. In Chapter 20, what happens to Gerald's sword?

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