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Guy Vanderhaeghe
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are women and children being ordered out of Hankow?
(a) They are not being ordered out of Hankow.
(b) Because of the epidemic.
(c) Because of the famine.
(d) Because of the violence.

2. What does Jean's grandmother tell Jean to do with the calendar she sent Jean?
(a) Write something kind on each day and act that way.
(b) Cross off the days until the family is coming to the United States.
(c) Look at the pictures on each month's page to learn more about the United States.
(d) She gives Jean no instructions.

3. How did Jean feel when they landed in San Francisco?
(a) She felt like she wanted to return to China.
(b) Like she would never leave America again.
(c) She was an explorer like Columbus.
(d) She was glad to get off the ship.

4. Where did the car get a flat tire?
(a) In Nevada.
(b) In the Ozark Mountains.
(c) In Virginia.
(d) In Oklahoma.

5. According to Jean, what do wars seem to involve in history books?
(a) Rationalization.
(b) Much bloodshed.
(c) A good guy and a bad guy.
(d) A great deal of hate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Jean and her mother spend a week?

2. What does Jean learn has closed?

3. What fear of Jean's was subsiding as the days passed?

4. Who are Margaret, Isobel and Nancy?

5. What amazed Jean about stepping foot in America?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has happened in the Hulls family?

2. What did Jean ask her nanny and what was her nanny's response to her question?

3. Who did Jean see when they arrived in Shanghai and how did she seem to Jean? On what ship would they sail to America?

4. Why did the travel to America feel strange to Jean and what did she think about when they crossed the international date line?

5. Why did Jean decide the cook was not so bad?

6. How was Jean schooled after her school closed and what did she learn?

7. What happens to Jeans fears about not going to America and what are the arrangements for their leaving?

8. What felt like an adventure for Jean's father on the trip to Pennsylvania and how did Jean and her mother feel about his action?

9. How did Jean feel and think about the war in China?

10. Where did Communist soldiers attack and what did Jean's family do in response to that attack?

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