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Guy Vanderhaeghe
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jean wish to have that other name?
(a) It sounds more French to her.
(b) It reminds her of her beloved Aunt Julie.
(c) It sounds more American to her.
(d) It sounds high class to her.

2. Where did Jean think their summer vacation would be?
(a) In Hong Kong.
(b) In Beijing.
(c) In Shaghai.
(d) In Peitaiho.

3. How does Jean feel about where she is living?
(a) She thinks her family should move to a smaller city in China.
(b) She loves it.
(c) That she is on the wrong side of the world.
(d) She thinks her family should move to a larger city in China.

4. What do the Hullses stress in their lives?
(a) Their mission to convert the Chinese people.
(b) Being free and natural.
(c) Strict moral behavior.
(d) Rigid role models for the boys and girls.

5. Why did Lin Nai-Nai leave her husband?
(a) He beat her.
(b) He took a second wife.
(c) He wanted her to move to a farm.
(d) Her husband is dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Jean cry in front of her mother?

2. What does Jean call Mille?

3. What is Christmas day like at Jean's home?

4. What does Jean think the kind of lifestyle the Hullses have would promote?

5. Why did Jean's spirits improve about their vacation?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the Hullses doing for the holidays and how was Jean's family involved?

2. What improved Jean's outlook on summer vacation?

3. How did the family get to Kuling and what did Jean dread?

4. What happened when Jean was accosted at recess by a boy?

5. How did Jean travel to the Hull's house and how did she feel about her form of transportation?

6. Who was Jean's best friend, who was her nanny and what kind of an agreement did Jean have with her nanny?

7. What did Jean do when her mother confronted her about skipping school, what was her mother's response and what was her father's response?

8. What did Jean notice when she was walking around town?

9. What was the atmosphere like in Jean's house on Christmas morning and what did Jean get for Christmas?

10. How did Jean feel about her name and what did she ask her mother about it?

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