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Guy Vanderhaeghe
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had happened with Andrea's parents?
(a) They divorced.
(b) They got separated in the war and have not found her father.
(c) Nothing.
(d) They were arrested.

2. How do Jean and Andrea categorize people?
(a) By their coloring.
(b) By their qualities or activities.
(c) By the foods they eat.
(d) By their accents.

3. What was wrong with the bridge at which Jean's family arrived?
(a) It was too narrow for their sedan.
(b) It had been condemned.
(c) There was nothing wrong with the bridge.
(d) It had one pillar missing.

4. What does Jean's family decide to do?
(a) Stick it out a little longer in Hankow.
(b) Go to Beijing.
(c) Go to Taiwan.
(d) Leave Hankow.

5. Who are Mr. and Mrs. Hu?
(a) Friends of Jean's family.
(b) A Chinese family who wants to come to the United States.
(c) A family who adopts Millie.
(d) The next door neighbor to Jean's family.

6. Who will take and care for Kurry the cat?
(a) The cook.
(b) The Wu's.
(c) The Hus.
(d) The Wong's.

7. Where did the car get a flat tire?
(a) In Nevada.
(b) In the Ozark Mountains.
(c) In Virginia.
(d) In Oklahoma.

8. Why is Jean so happy to hear about the closing?
(a) She no longer has to get up too early in the morning.
(b) The teacher Jean hates has returned to England.
(c) They might return to the United States.
(d) They might get to fly out of China.

9. Why does Jean become paranoid?
(a) She is afraid the cook will poison their food.
(b) She heard that the Communists were shooting Westerners on sight.
(c) She heard that the Communists were kidnapping American girls.
(d) She heard that much of the rice was tainted by the Communists.

10. What makes Jean think Yang Sze-Fu was not too bad?
(a) She sees him laughing at a dog's antics.
(b) He winks at her and smiles.
(c) She sees him playing with her baby brother.
(d) She sees him feeding the cat.

11. What does Jean's father do about the new demands by the Communist coolies?
(a) Almost come to blows over it.
(b) Accede.
(c) Shoot one of the coolies.
(d) Ask to speak to their supervisor.

12. What does Andrea badly miss about China?
(a) The food.
(b) The freedom she had.
(c) Her nanny.
(d) Her father who stays there.

13. Why are women and children being ordered out of Hankow?
(a) Because of the epidemic.
(b) Because of the famine.
(c) They are not being ordered out of Hankow.
(d) Because of the violence.

14. What is one faction in the war in China?
(a) The peasant faction.
(b) The aristocratic faction.
(c) The religious faction.
(d) The Nationalist faction.

15. What is a big moment for Jean on the ship?
(a) When Jean's mother announces that she is again pregnant.
(b) When Andrea's brother flirts with her.
(c) When her father tells them he is quitting the YMCA and they will settle in New York.
(d) When it crosses the international date line.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the Hulls go when they left San Francisco?

2. What do the Hus give Jean's family?

3. What does Jean learn has closed?

4. About what does Andrea complain?

5. According to Jean, what do wars seem to involve in history books?

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