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Guy Vanderhaeghe
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Jean so happy to hear about the closing?
(a) The teacher Jean hates has returned to England.
(b) They might return to the United States.
(c) She no longer has to get up too early in the morning.
(d) They might get to fly out of China.

2. What do the coolies demand after the family goes a short distance?
(a) That the family wait at a seedy-looking building.
(b) More money.
(c) That the men in the group help carry the bags.
(d) Jean's father's watch.

3. Who are Mr. and Mrs. Hu?
(a) Friends of Jean's family.
(b) The next door neighbor to Jean's family.
(c) A family who adopts Millie.
(d) A Chinese family who wants to come to the United States.

4. How do Jean and Andrea categorize people?
(a) By their accents.
(b) By their qualities or activities.
(c) By their coloring.
(d) By the foods they eat.

5. Where did the car get a flat tire?
(a) In Oklahoma.
(b) In Virginia.
(c) In Nevada.
(d) In the Ozark Mountains.

6. What is the name of the ship Jean's family is taking to the United States?
(a) President Garfield.
(b) President Lincoln.
(c) President Taft.
(d) President Roosevelt.

7. What is confusing to Jean at the opening to Chapter 5?
(a) Lin Nai-Nai's father rejecting Lin Nai-Nai.
(b) Why her father does not take the family out of China immediately.
(c) Why the Communists hate Westerners.
(d) The war in China.

8. What amazed Jean about stepping foot in America?
(a) That there was so few people in such a large city.
(b) That the buildings looked the same as China.
(c) That it was so difficult to get through customs.
(d) That she did not feel any difference physically.

9. Why does Jean become paranoid?
(a) She heard that much of the rice was tainted by the Communists.
(b) She is afraid the cook will poison their food.
(c) She heard that the Communists were kidnapping American girls.
(d) She heard that the Communists were shooting Westerners on sight.

10. What does Jean's grandmother tell Jean to do with the calendar she sent Jean?
(a) Cross off the days until the family is coming to the United States.
(b) Look at the pictures on each month's page to learn more about the United States.
(c) She gives Jean no instructions.
(d) Write something kind on each day and act that way.

11. What does the war in China seem to feature?
(a) Not much emotion.
(b) No clear cut winner.
(c) So much confusion.
(d) Multiple sides.

12. About what does Andrea complain?
(a) That they are not able to flirt with boys.
(b) That Andrea's family is going to live with another family for a year before they go to Indonesia.
(c) That David got to stay in China with her father.
(d) That their fathers are not on the boat.

13. What kind of game did Jean and Andrea play on the ship during the day?
(a) Shuffleboard.
(b) Miniature golf.
(c) Water volleyball.
(d) Jacks.

14. What does Andrea badly miss about China?
(a) The food.
(b) Her nanny.
(c) The freedom she had.
(d) Her father who stays there.

15. Why is Lin Nai-Nai's hometown starving?
(a) There was a flood.
(b) There was a bad drought.
(c) There was a bad fire and the crops burned.
(d) The Communists are cutting off their food supply.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jean see at the docks?

2. What does Jean ask Lin Nai-Nai?

3. Where will Jean's family catch a ship to go to the United States?

4. What is a big moment for Jean on the ship?

5. Where does Jane's family want to go when they get downriver?

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