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Guy Vanderhaeghe
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jean's mother declare after hearing her reason for skipping school?
(a) She is pulling Jean out of that school.
(b) She thinks Jean overreacted.
(c) Ian will be punished.
(d) Jean will have to sing "God Save the King."

2. What is one thing Jean does in preparation for Christmas?
(a) Make David a present.
(b) Buy Millie a present.
(c) Make Audrey a present.
(d) Make her parents presents.

3. What does David ask Jean to ask Millie to do?
(a) Ask her parents if he could visit Millie.
(b) Find out his true parents.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Help him meet up with a boy at the orphanage.

4. What is an Amah?
(a) A nanny.
(b) A priest.
(c) A cleaning woman.
(d) A city ordinance.

5. How did Jean feel about the scenery around where they were staying?
(a) She was impressed by the beauty of the mountains.
(b) The city was too crowded.
(c) She thought the ocean waves were soothing.
(d) She thought the plains were too flat.

6. In what town was Jean's family going to vacation?
(a) Shaghai.
(b) Talmai.
(c) Peitaiho.
(d) Kuling.

7. Why does Jean not see her best friend often?
(a) The best friend's mother does not approve of Jean's parents.
(b) The best friend lives in a rural area.
(c) The best friend is only in the city every other month.
(d) Jean's mother does not approve of the girl's parents.

8. Who is Jean's teacher?
(a) Miss Williams.
(b) Miss Jones.
(c) Miss Breckenridge.
(d) Miss Stuart.

9. Where did Jean think their summer vacation would be?
(a) In Beijing.
(b) In Peitaiho.
(c) In Hong Kong.
(d) In Shaghai.

10. What do the Hullses stress in their lives?
(a) Their mission to convert the Chinese people.
(b) Strict moral behavior.
(c) Being free and natural.
(d) Rigid role models for the boys and girls.

11. Who is Lin Nai-Nai?
(a) A teacher at Jean's school.
(b) The woman who cooks at Jean's school.
(c) Jean's nanny.
(d) The woman who cleans Jean's home.

12. What does Jean explain to her teacher what she has refused to do?
(a) That she wants to draw pictures of the American president instead.
(b) That she is an American and will not pledge to England.
(c) That she hates China and does not want to learn to write Chinese.
(d) That she hates the red clay getting all over her clothes.

13. Why did the baby die?
(a) It contacted postpartum fever.
(b) It was premature.
(c) It had a blood disease.
(d) It had a congenital heart problem.

14. Who calls Jean a foreign devil?
(a) A young boy.
(b) A Chinese policeman.
(c) No one.
(d) Her teacher.

15. What do the school children sing each day where Jean attends school?
(a) "America the Beautiful".
(b) "The Lord's Prayer".
(c) Nothing.
(d) "God Save the King".

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Jean feel about where they were staying?

2. What did Jean's mother do right after she had the baby?

3. Why is Andrea Hulls' family in China?

4. Where did the family travel the first couple of days of their vacation?

5. How do the Hullses sometimes appear in their home?

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