Objects & Places from Homesick

Guy Vanderhaeghe
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This is the town where Jean and her family live at the beginning of the book.


This is a large city in China where Andrea and the Hull family go to live.


This is a city close to Hankow that was besieged by Communist forces.


Jean's father and mother work here.


During the time period of the book, this was rapidly gaining political control, culminating in a violent revolution.

The President Taft

This is the name of the ship that ferries Jean and many other Americans from Shanghai to San Francisco.

God Save the King

Jean dreads having to sing this during school as she does not feel British.


This is a wheeled cart for transporting one or two people, powered by the running feet of a coolie, or unskilled laborer.

Ozark Mountains

This is where the family car has a flat...

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