Homesick Fun Activities

Guy Vanderhaeghe
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Map of Jean's Locations

Make a map of all the locations Jean was in "Homesick" showing the connections between them in the world.

Chinese dress

Wear Chinese dress to school one day.

Chinese food

Have Chinese food for lunch on day.

Learn Chinese Characters

Learn the Chinese characters for a few of the ideas in this book, such as freedom, poverty, grief, friendship, family and compassion.

Aid Project

Organize a project at school to aid poor people or refugees.

Flag Art

Make a picture using the flags of China, America, France, Germany and England, the countries or people with whom Jean had contact with as a child.

Travel Brochure

Prepare a travel brochure on China to share with the class and encouraging people to visit this country.

Character Description

Write a physical, emotional, and relational description of two people from "Homesick". Add a portrait to go along with...

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