Homesick Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Guy Vanderhaeghe
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Chapter 1

• Jean begins the story when she was a ten year old girl living in Hankow, China. Hankow is on the Yangtse River and Jean loved the activities on the river.

• Jean felt as a girl that she lived on the wrong side of the world and that she should be in America with her grandmother.

• Jean attended a British school which further confused her identity and eventually refused to sing "God Save the King".

• A boy, Ian Forbes, demanded she say God save the king when at recess and twisted her arm but she still refused to say it.

• Jean's mother was an English teacher and her father was the director of the YMCA. When her parents were away Jean said the house was lonely.
• Jean's best friend, Andrea, lived in a rural area and Jean did not see her often. Lin Nai-Nai was Jean's nanny who...

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