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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Koly do at the temples on her first day alone in Vrindavan?

2. What is true of life at the Mehta's home once Chandra is married?

3. What does Koly see at Mala's apartment?

4. Who is Raji?

5. Where does Sassur go when Sass tries to speak to him regarding difficulties in the house in Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Koly ends up in possession of the Tagore book.

2. Explain why the benefactor funds the widow's home where Koly stays.

3. Describe Koly and Sass's first interaction with the rickshaw driver.

4. Describe Koly's introduction to Maa Kamala's home.

5. Describe Chandra's feelings about her marriage in Chapter 7.

6. Who is Mala and what is she like?

7. Describe Koly's first day of work stringing marigolds.

8. Describe Sass's behavior on the train ride to her brother's home.

9. Describe how Koly's feelings of loneliness change after moving in to Maa Kamala's.

10. Describe the losses Koly attempts to deal with in Chapter 6.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Finances and money dictate the lives of the majority of characters in this novel. From the viewpoint of the impact of money, answer the questions below.

1) How does a dowry work for and against the characters in the story? How does it work for or against this society overall?

2) Explain the attitude toward women and work in Koly's society. Choose a character and explain how that attitude impacts her life.

3) Compare and contrast the economic situation in Koly's society to that of your own. Describe the similarities and differences and where you believe they come from. How would Koly's story be different if taken out of the context of her location?

Essay Topic 2

Consider the use of irony and foreshadowing with the following events:

1) Sass's abandonment of Koly.

2) Koly's desire to run away from her marriage and from Sass's home.

3) Sassur's decision to break tradition and teach Koly to read.

Essay Topic 3

Consider the impact of good health and illness on the plot line of the story. At what points in the novel does the health of a character result in a major change in the direction of the story? Do any of the characters have choices in the occurrence or in the direction that their lives took at this point? Explain why or why not. Is health or financial status more important to the outcomes of the lives of the characters in this novel? Explain.

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