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Short Answer Questions

1. What is one reason that Sass gives for being so resentful of Koly?

2. What do Koly and her new family ride past on the train to Varanasi?

3. What does Chandra tell Koly about her dowry?

4. Why does Koly begin to enjoy her clothes washing time at the river after Hari's death in Chapter 4?

5. What is Hari given upon arriving at the place where his family stays in Varanasi?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 2, Koly learns details of her marriage and Hari's illness from Chandra that greatly upset her. Explain.

2. Explain how Koly's parents earn income for the family.

3. Describe Koly's first night in her new home after she is married.

4. What does Koly do to try to soothe her grief over being a widow and her poor treatment by Sass in Chapter 4?

5. Explain what Koly's daydreams consist of in Chapter 4, after Hari's death.

6. How does Sass justify her refusal to give Koly her pension money when Koly tells her she wants it?

7. Sass demands, for the second time, that Koly give her the silver earrings. Explain why keeping these earrings is so important to Koly in Chapter 5.

8. What is Koly's relationship with Sassur like in Chapter 4, after Hari's death?

9. Explain the importance of Tagore's book of poems in Chapter 4.

10. Explain how Koly's marriage is expected to benefit her family.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Foreshadowing is used throughout the novel. Select one of the following questions to answer:

1) Discuss examples of foreshadowing involving Raji, Hari, and Koly.

2) What items or objects in the story have foreshadowing linked to them? Choose three items (like the Tagore book, the earrings, a quilt, the rickshaw...) and explain with details.

3) What foreshadowing is evident with these characters: Mala, Sassur, Koly, Mr. Das, Sass, Raji, Hari, Chandra?

Essay Topic 2

The metaphor of Koly as a homeless bird has significance in many places of the story. Choose one of the options below to write about.

1) Analyze the use of animals in the novel to symbolize Koly's plight, to ease her loneliness, and to serve other purposes.

2) Choose two other characters and use a metaphor to describe their situations in the story. Use examples to explain your choices.

3) Describe how Koly's journey towards freedom required her to break out of many cages.

Essay Topic 3

Finances and money dictate the lives of the majority of characters in this novel. From the viewpoint of the impact of money, answer the questions below.

1) How does a dowry work for and against the characters in the story? How does it work for or against this society overall?

2) Explain the attitude toward women and work in Koly's society. Choose a character and explain how that attitude impacts her life.

3) Compare and contrast the economic situation in Koly's society to that of your own. Describe the similarities and differences and where you believe they come from. How would Koly's story be different if taken out of the context of her location?

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