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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Koly feel about not being allowed to help Chandra dress on her wedding day?

2. Where do Sassur and Chandra go on Koly's first day in their home?

3. What does Koly want to do when she learns her parents have selected a husband for her?

4. Why is Koly not allowed to help Chandra dress on her wedding day?

5. How is Hari's body prepared for its final trip to the Ganges after his death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Chandra impressed by the qualifications of her intended husband?

2. What does Koly do to try to soothe her grief over being a widow and her poor treatment by Sass in Chapter 4?

3. In Chapter 2, Koly learns details of her marriage and Hari's illness from Chandra that greatly upset her. Explain.

4. Why does Sass treat Koly so poorly?

5. Explain Koly''s reaction to hearing Sass and Sassur discuss the use of her widow's pension.

6. Explain the importance of Tagore's book of poems in Chapter 4.

7. Describe Koly's first meetings with her new family.

8. Explain Chandra's expectations of her family's trip to the Ganges River.

9. Describe Koly's first morning as a married woman.

10. How does Sass justify her refusal to give Koly her pension money when Koly tells her she wants it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The metaphor of Koly as a homeless bird has significance in many places of the story. Choose one of the options below to write about.

1) Analyze the use of animals in the novel to symbolize Koly's plight, to ease her loneliness, and to serve other purposes.

2) Choose two other characters and use a metaphor to describe their situations in the story. Use examples to explain your choices.

3) Describe how Koly's journey towards freedom required her to break out of many cages.

Essay Topic 2

Tagore's book of poems is an object of great importance to Koly.

1) Describe how this book helps her find her way to freedom, independence, and happiness.

2) Describe the cost of obtaining this book to Koly.

3) Explain what the Tagore book means to Koly, Sass, and Sassur.

Essay Topic 3

The title Homeless Bird has much significance for Koly. Analyze the meaning of this title for the book, and to Koly. Consider the questions below when formulating your responses.

1)If the Tagore book was not included in the story, would this label have as strong a meaning?

2) What other events or objects in the story make this title significant?

3) What other titles could have been given to this novel?

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