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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sassur tell Koly immediately after she learns of Hari's death?

2. What instructions does Sass give Koly before going into town to get her son's medicine?

3. Where does Koly sleep on her wedding night?

4. What does Chandra tell Koly about her dowry?

5. Who tells Koly of Hari's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the events that lead up to an envelope with Koly's name arriving at the Mehta's house each month.

2. What does Koly do to try to soothe her grief over being a widow and her poor treatment by Sass in Chapter 4?

3. Tell about Koly's first meeting with her new husband.

4. Describe the evening of, and the events leading up to, Hari's death.

5. How does Sass justify her refusal to give Koly her pension money when Koly tells her she wants it?

6. Explain how Koly's marriage is expected to benefit her family.

7. Explain what Hari's doctor has to say about the family's trip to the Ganges, and his parents' response.

8. How does the train ride to Varanasi seem to indicate that the outcome of this journey will be a poor one?

9. Sass demands, for the second time, that Koly give her the silver earrings. Explain why keeping these earrings is so important to Koly in Chapter 5.

10. Describe Koly's first night in her new home after she is married.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The children in Koly's culture are expected to grow up and take on adult roles at a very young age.

1) Give two examples that show that Koly is not mature enough to handle the situations she finds herself in.

2) Give two examples that show that Koly is mature enough to handle the situations she finds herself in.

3) Give at least two examples that show the adults in the story are unable to handle the situations they find themselves in.

How much impact do age, maturity, experience, and character have in determining a person's ability to deal with adversity?

Essay Topic 2

Quilts and saris represent femininity and elegance in a world that otherwise dismisses any female as being of little value. Compare Koly's life to a quilt or a sari. Explain why you chose the item you did.

Essay Topic 3

The title Homeless Bird has much significance for Koly. Analyze the meaning of this title for the book, and to Koly. Consider the questions below when formulating your responses.

1)If the Tagore book was not included in the story, would this label have as strong a meaning?

2) What other events or objects in the story make this title significant?

3) What other titles could have been given to this novel?

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