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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Sass and Koly visit in the village one week after Hari's death?
(a) A man at a government office.
(b) The woman who runs a local embroidery shop.
(c) The woman who runs a school for girls.
(d) A man at a quilting factory.

2. What does Koly embroider on the quilt that she makes for Chandra's wedding gift?
(a) A scene from a Tagore poem.
(b) Memories of the good times the two girls shared.
(c) The silver earrings.
(d) Pictures of Hari and Chandra as children.

3. How does Koly's mother make money?
(a) She is a medicine woman.
(b) She makes and sells saris.
(c) She is a wash woman.
(d) She teaches.

4. How is Koly introduced to the people who host Hari's family in Varanasi?
(a) She is introduced as Hari's sister.
(b) She is introduced as a servant.
(c) They do not mention her at all.
(d) She is introduced as Hari's wife.

5. Why is Sassur described as being sad so often in Chapter 4?
(a) Because his students treat him poorly.
(b) Because Chandra is showing signs of illness.
(c) Because Sassur is showing signs of illness.
(d) Because he may lose his teaching position.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is true about Chandra's intended husband?

2. How does Sass want Koly to help with Hari's breakfast her first morning after the wedding?

3. How is Hari's body prepared for its final trip to the Ganges after his death?

4. After Sass returns from getting Hari's medicine, how does she react when she discovers Koly in Hari's room and learns she has given him a remedy?

5. What makes Koly erupt in a coughing fit while Koly is sitting with him, after she gets permission from Sass to do so?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Chandra's expectations of her family's trip to the Ganges River.

2. Describe Koly's wedding gift to Chandra.

3. What happens when Koly and the Mehtas arrive in Varanasi that indicates that Mr. and Mrs. Mehta are embarrassed that they married Hari so young and for the money?

4. How is Hari's death addressed?

5. Describe Koly's first night in her new home after she is married.

6. How does the train ride to Varanasi seem to indicate that the outcome of this journey will be a poor one?

7. How does Sass justify her refusal to give Koly her pension money when Koly tells her she wants it?

8. In Chapter 2, Koly learns details of her marriage and Hari's illness from Chandra that greatly upset her. Explain.

9. Describe the events that lead up to an envelope with Koly's name arriving at the Mehta's house each month.

10. Explain the reaction of Koly's parents to their first meeting with the Mehtas.

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