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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the rickshaw driver at the train station tell Koly?
(a) That the widow's home in Delhi was burned to the ground.
(b) That the Delhi train is delayed.
(c) That Sass was taken in an ambulance.
(d) That Sass left on a train.

2. Why does Sass sell her house?
(a) She has a job in Delhi.
(b) To move to her brother's house in Delhi.
(c) Koly has a job in Delhi.
(d) To move to a widow's apartment in Delhi.

3. What best describes Koly's bandicoot?
(a) Cuddly and soft with chesnut brown fur.
(b) Ugly with tiny eyes and large pointed ears.
(c) Aggressive with an angry black stripe down its middle.
(d) Fearful and thin.

4. Who is Tanu?
(a) An elderly widow.
(b) The woman who sells marigold garlands.
(c) A worker at the government office.
(d) Koly's roommate.

5. Why does Koly have a hard time sleeping her first night in Vrindavan?
(a) She is making a plan for the next day.
(b) It rains very hard and she is wet.
(c) She is worried about money and her situation.
(d) The traffic and drunks are very loud.

6. Who is Maa Kamala?
(a) Koly's roommate.
(b) The woman who runs a widow's home.
(c) The woman who sells marigold garlands.
(d) The rickshaw driver's aunt.

7. What does Sass do to make money for her and Koly to live on?
(a) Hires Koly out as a servant.
(b) Sells the widow's sari she had given to Koly.
(c) Sells her own possessions.
(d) Does laundry.

8. Who comes to see Koly the day after she returns to work in chapter 10 after being sick?
(a) Raji.
(b) Chandra.
(c) Sass.
(d) Tanu.

9. Who does Koly stay with on her first night in Vrindavan?
(a) A young boy.
(b) An older widow.
(c) A cow, chickens, and a young girl.
(d) A younger widow.

10. What happens when Sass decides to sell the Tagore book for some extra money?
(a) Koly gives her the silver earrings instead.
(b) Koly hides it from her.
(c) It is stolen in town before she can sell it.
(d) She discovers money in the back flap.

11. How does Koly sneak out to go to Mala's party after Maa Kamala tells her that she cannot go?
(a) She says she is going to a movie with Tanu.
(b) She gets Raji to pick her up in the courtyard.
(c) She says she is going to a movie with Shrew.
(d) She sneaks out after Maa Kamala is asleep.

12. How does Sass respond when Koly offers to braid her hair?
(a) She nods her assent, but does not speak.
(b) She says Koly is too clumsy.
(c) She does not answer and walks away.
(d) She sighs and tells Koly that she will never replace Chandra.

13. What best describes Mala?
(a) Competent and friendly.
(b) Sarcastic and funny.
(c) Competent but difficult.
(d) Sloppy and rude.

14. Where does Sassur go when Sass tries to speak to him regarding difficulties in the house in Chapter 6?
(a) To his school.
(b) To the roof.
(c) To the temple.
(d) To the river.

15. Why does Sassur stop reading Tagore's poems after Chandra is gone?
(a) He gets too busy with his new position at work.
(b) It gets soaks by the heavy rains and must dry for a week.
(c) He has given the book to Chandra's husband.
(d) He misses his children and hates his job.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the spot where Koly sleeps on her first night in Vrindavan a good one, according to the person she stays with?

2. What do Koly and Tanu do for work on Koly's first morning at Maa Kamala's?

3. How do Koly and Sass travel in Vrindavan?

4. What happens when Koly visits the government office in Vrindavan during her first week in the city?

5. What is true of Sassur after Chandra leaves to get married?

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