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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Koly and her mother prepare for Koly's wedding?
(a) A quilt and a sari.
(b) A special sari for her new sass.
(c) Traditional dumplings.
(d) Linen table coverings.

2. How does Koly's mother make money?
(a) She makes and sells saris.
(b) She teaches.
(c) She is a medicine woman.
(d) She is a wash woman.

3. What does Koly's father do for a living?
(a) He runs a school for boys.
(b) He owns an embroidery shop.
(c) He is a farmer.
(d) He is a scribe.

4. Why does Koly's father tear up on the day of her wedding?
(a) He is recalling his own wedding.
(b) He is grieving the recent loss of his mother.
(c) He is sad to see Koly dressed like a woman and getting married.
(d) He is overcome with joy at his daughter's good fortune.

5. What is Koly's concern about Chandra's new husband?
(a) That he won't be a good match.
(b) That he is disfigured and unable to father children.
(c) That he is too young for her.
(d) That he is too old for her.

6. Where does Hari tell Koly his parents are planning to take him?
(a) School.
(b) His grandfather's town.
(c) The Ganges River.
(d) To a famous healer.

7. Who meets Hari and his family in Varanasi?
(a) Mr. Mehta and his wife.
(b) Mr. Lal and his wife.
(c) The Patal family.
(d) The famous healer.

8. What object of Hari's does Koly ask Sassur if she can have?
(a) A cap.
(b) His journal.
(c) A school book.
(d) His butterflies.

9. What is notable about Sassur's favorite book of poetry that might make it valuable?
(a) It was handwritten three generations ago..
(b) It is signed by the author.
(c) It has gold woven in the cover.
(d) It is signed by a holy man.

10. What does Koly see being placed in the baggage car of the train before they embark on their trip to Varanasi?
(a) Many urns.
(b) Live animals.
(c) Her quilt.
(d) Her traveling chest.

11. What do Sass and Koly do when they go to the village one week after Hari's death?
(a) Order a sari.
(b) Obtain a package.
(c) Fill out papers.
(d) Deliver a message.

12. What does Koly's prospective father-in-law want before he takes her to meet his son?
(a) The dowry.
(b) To look at her teeth.
(c) The silver earrings.
(d) To ask questions to determine her character.

13. What best describes the mood at the Mehta home right after Hari's death?
(a) Quiet and tense.
(b) Purposeful with preparations for the final spiritual meal.
(c) Busy from visiting mourners.
(d) Painful and loud with angry voices.

14. Where does Koly's wedding ceremony take place?
(a) The groom's home.
(b) The bride's home.
(c) The town center near the well.
(d) The sacred temple.

15. How does Koly feel about not being allowed to help Chandra dress on her wedding day?
(a) Very disappointed.
(b) She doesn't care.
(c) Relieved.
(d) Furious.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Koly do when she wakes up at Hari's house the first morning after her wedding?

2. What does Koly think of the cake at the traditional feast?

3. How does Koly travel to meet her groom?

4. What is Koly told about the husband her parents have chosen for her?

5. What does Koly discover about her widow's pension that makes her angry?

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