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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Chandra think that her match will be a good husband?
(a) Because he has a promising future as a teacher.
(b) Because she will be a good wife.
(c) Because his family owns so much land.
(d) Because she said a prayer at the Ganges.

2. What does Koly do when she wakes up at Hari's house the first morning after her wedding?
(a) Joins her new sass in the kitchen.
(b) Takes a walk around the yard.
(c) Prays.
(d) Helps Chandra milk the cow.

3. How does Koly's mother make money?
(a) She makes and sells saris.
(b) She is a medicine woman.
(c) She is a wash woman.
(d) She teaches.

4. What does Koly see being placed in the baggage car of the train before they embark on their trip to Varanasi?
(a) Many urns.
(b) Her quilt.
(c) Live animals.
(d) Her traveling chest.

5. What does Koly's prospective father-in-law want before he takes her to meet his son?
(a) To ask questions to determine her character.
(b) The dowry.
(c) To look at her teeth.
(d) The silver earrings.

6. What does Koly do when Sass tells her to give Chandra the silver earrings for her wedding day?
(a) She spits on the ground.
(b) She gives them to Chandra.
(c) She refuses and walks away.
(d) She lies and says she has lost them.

7. What does Koly discover about her widow's pension that makes her angry?
(a) Sass has all the checks sitting in a box.
(b) Half of it is taken in taxes.
(c) The Mehtas are using it to fund Chandra's dowry.
(d) It is only half what it would be if Hari was 16.

8. What does Koly's father give her before leaving her at her new home?
(a) His mother's sari.
(b) A slice of coconut cake.
(c) A letter.
(d) The family quilt.

9. What gift does Koly give to Hari when she first goes to his room after hearing his bad cough?
(a) A lovely leaf.
(b) Flowers from the Mango tree.
(c) Fruit from the Mango tree.
(d) A groom's sash she has embroidered.

10. Where do Sassur and Chandra go on Koly's first day in their home?
(a) He goes to sell the cow and she goes to buy medicine.
(b) They both go to the market to work.
(c) He goes to school and she goes to the river.
(d) They both go to the school.

11. Where does Chandra's wedding sari come from?
(a) Chandra's mother gives it to her.
(b) It is Koly's from her own wedding.
(c) Chandra makes it herself.
(d) Koly makes it for her.

12. How does Koly feel as she watches Chandra leave with her new husband?
(a) Strangely tired.
(b) As if there is hope for her, too.
(c) As if all her happiness is leaving.
(d) Determined to leave the Mehta's.

13. What does Chandra tell Koly about her dowry?
(a) The dowry will pay for a famous healer.
(b) The dowry was less than the family expected.
(c) The dowry will pay to bring Hari to healing waters.
(d) The dowry was more than the family expected.

14. When does Koly work on the activity she undertakes to remember Hari and soothe her soul?
(a) When she goes to the river.
(b) Only late at night.
(c) Whenever Sass leaves.
(d) Early in the morning.

15. How does Koly travel to meet her groom?
(a) By rickshaw.
(b) On a bus.
(c) She walks.
(d) On a train.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the local healer come to see Hari the night before his trip?

2. Where does Hari tell Koly his parents are planning to take him?

3. What does Sassur tell Koly immediately after she learns of Hari's death?

4. Why does Koly get married?

5. Who attends the school in Koly's town?

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