Homeless Bird Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Explain how Koly's marriage is expected to benefit her family.

Koly's family hopes that her marriage will make all their lives better. Although Koly's family must provide a dowry, they will no longer need to feed and provide for Koly. This will leave more food for the rest of the family, including her two brothers who are expected to marry shortly and add their own wives to the household. Also, the family hopes that Koly will marry well and be provided for by her new husband and his family.

2. Explain how Koly's parents earn income for the family.

Koly's parents both work in the marketplace to make money. Her father is a scribe who writes letters for people. Often, he charges little or nothing for his services as most of his clients are poorer than he is. Koly's mother is a good embroiderer who makes and sells the saris she makes. She has taught Koly to embroider, too.

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