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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chandra ask Koly to do before the family leaves for Varanasi?
(a) Put a marigold garland on Hari if he dies.
(b) Give him some honey when Sass is not looking.
(c) Let her keep the silver earrings if Hari dies.
(d) Bring her back some water from the river.

2. Where does Koly's wedding ceremony take place?
(a) The sacred temple.
(b) The bride's home.
(c) The town center near the well.
(d) The groom's home.

3. Why does Sass take Chandra and Koly to town at the end of their first summer together?
(a) To celebrate Chandra's birthday.
(b) To meet a matchmaker.
(c) To celebrate Krishna's birthday.
(d) To attend a special women's ceremony.

4. Who is Tanu?
(a) Koly's roommate.
(b) An elderly widow.
(c) The woman who sells marigold garlands.
(d) A worker at the government office.

5. Why does Mala get fired from Mr. Das's shop?
(a) She is late again.
(b) She is caught stealing.
(c) She shouts at Mr. Das.
(d) She deliberately ruins a veil.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sass respond when Koly offers to braid her hair?

2. What is Koly's first reaction to seeing Varanasi?

3. What does Koly want to do when she learns her parents have selected a husband for her?

4. When does Koly work on the activity she undertakes to remember Hari and soothe her soul?

5. What is Koly's concern about Chandra's new husband?

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