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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Maa Kamala keep half of Koly's pay?
(a) To put into a savings account for Koly.
(b) To pay for her trouble.
(c) To pay for beading supplies.
(d) To pay for her living expenses.

2. Why is it so important to Koly to hold on to her silver earrings?
(a) They are a wedding gift from Hari.
(b) She plans to trade them for a wedding gift for Chandra.
(c) She wants to use them to run away.
(d) They are a memory of home.

3. What is true of Sassur after Chandra leaves to get married?
(a) He starts to stand up to Sass.
(b) He starts to enjoy his work.
(c) He is depressed and hates his job.
(d) He gets the same illness that Hari had.

4. Who is Raji?
(a) The rickshaw driver.
(b) The jewelry vendor.
(c) The marigold garland vendor.
(d) Maa Kamala's son.

5. What is Koly's first reaction to seeing Varanasi?
(a) She is afraid and homesick.
(b) She is amazed by the shrines and temples.
(c) She feels cramped by the busy city.
(d) She is disgusted by the filth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Koly go when she sneaks away from Maa Kamala's to meet Raji?

2. What does Koly see after Hari's cremation that makes her think of him?

3. Who do Sass and Koly visit in the village one week after Hari's death?

4. How do Chandra and Koly interact in Chapter 4 after Hari's passing?

5. What happens when Koly visits the government office in Vrindavan during her first week in the city?

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