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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Koly's father tear up on the day of her wedding?
(a) He is sad to see Koly dressed like a woman and getting married.
(b) He is overcome with joy at his daughter's good fortune.
(c) He is recalling his own wedding.
(d) He is grieving the recent loss of his mother.

2. What is notable about Sassur's favorite book of poetry that might make it valuable?
(a) It has gold woven in the cover.
(b) It is signed by a holy man.
(c) It was handwritten three generations ago..
(d) It is signed by the author.

3. What does Sass give Koly to help her work on Chandra's wedding quilt?
(a) Bright colored thread.
(b) A light so she can work at night.
(c) Scraps of material.
(d) A picture of Chandra and Hari as children.

4. How does Koly feel about the silver earrings after learning how her widow's pension has been used?
(a) She decides to give them to Chandra after all.
(b) She is angry and takes them back from Chandra.
(c) She is angry that she gave them to Chandra, but does nothing.
(d) She stops feeling guilty about not giving them to Chandra.

5. How is Koly introduced to the people who host Hari's family in Varanasi?
(a) She is introduced as Hari's sister.
(b) She is introduced as a servant.
(c) They do not mention her at all.
(d) She is introduced as Hari's wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Each month after Hari's death, an envelope arrives in the mail for Koly. What is it?

2. What is Koly's first impression of her new husband?

3. Why is Koly not allowed to help Chandra dress on her wedding day?

4. What is a Chula?

5. What is true of Sassur's job in Chapter 6?

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