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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Sass returns from getting Hari's medicine, how does she react when she discovers Koly in Hari's room and learns she has given him a remedy?
(a) She starts to cry.
(b) She is angry.
(c) She pretends not to notice.
(d) She embraces Koly.

2. What is Hari given upon arriving at the place where his family stays in Varanasi?
(a) A glass of water from the Ganges River.
(b) A special chest rub cream.
(c) Mango tea.
(d) Honey and ginger root.

3. How does Sass want Koly to help with Hari's breakfast her first morning after the wedding?
(a) She tells Koly to cook breakfast and eat with her husband.
(b) She tells Koly to cook and serve him breakfast.
(c) She wants Koly to fetch milk and eggs.
(d) She does not want Koly to take care of Hari.

4. Why does Koly begin to enjoy her clothes washing time at the river after Hari's death in Chapter 4?
(a) She finds time to read.
(b) She learns to read.
(c) She meets a friend.
(d) She finds time to work on her special project.

5. What gift does Koly give to Hari when she first goes to his room after hearing his bad cough?
(a) Flowers from the Mango tree.
(b) Fruit from the Mango tree.
(c) A lovely leaf.
(d) A groom's sash she has embroidered.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Koly of Hari's death?

2. How is Hari's body prepared for its final trip to the Ganges after his death?

3. What do Koly and her new family ride past on the train to Varanasi?

4. Why do Sass and Sassur argue after the doctor's visit in Chapter 2?

5. Why does Koly's father tear up on the day of her wedding?

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