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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1- In the first chapter, Koly finds out that her parents are going to marry her off in order to have enough food for the rest of the family. This lesson will look at the concept of responsibility as it relates to family relationships.


1) Class discussion- Why do Koly's parents make this decision? How does it relate to their responsibilities as parents? Are they being responsible parents or not?

2) Family roles- Koly's two brothers attend school, but she does not because it is assumed that a woman will not need this sort of education. Discuss with the class or a small group how the family roles in this situation give each person a different sort of responsibility to the family. Is everyone in this family fulfilling their roles? Who is or is not?

3) Written- From the perspective of one of Koly's parents write 2-...

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