Homeless Bird Fun Activities

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Design a Quilt

On a piece of paper, design a quilt that represents a single character, other than Koly, from Homeless Bird.


Choose a character from Homeless Bird and write a journal entry of a major event in the story from that person's point of view. If you choose Koly, you must create information not already in the story.


Write a poem that could be a part of Tagore's book and share it with the class.


Create a diorama that represents either Hari's funeral or a wedding that takes place in Homeless Bird.


Create a poster to sell the movie Homeless Bird. Choose famous actors to star in lead roles.

The Musical

Choose a scene from Homeless Bird and perform it (with classmates if you want) as a musical number.

Indian Food

Create an Indian dish mentioned in Homeless Bird and share it with...

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