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Essay Topic 1

Different characters in the novel view their responsibilities in different ways. Choose three of the characters listed and discuss their definitions of responsibility, family, and honor in the novel. Choose from these characters: Koly, Sass, Sassur, Koly's mother or father, Maa Kamala, Raji, and the benefactor of the widow's home.

Essay Topic 2

Finances and money dictate the lives of the majority of characters in this novel. From the viewpoint of the impact of money, answer the questions below.

1) How does a dowry work for and against the characters in the story? How does it work for or against this society overall?

2) Explain the attitude toward women and work in Koly's society. Choose a character and explain how that attitude impacts her life.

3) Compare and contrast the economic situation in Koly's society to that of your own. Describe the similarities and differences and where you believe they...

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