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Chapter 1

• Koly's parents arrange a marriage for her to help the family financially.
• Koly marries Hari despite concerns about the unusual conditions of the wedding ceremony.
• Koly spends her first night as a married woman with Chandra because Hari is too ill.

Chapter 2

• Sass lets Koly know that she should stay away from Hari.
• Koly meets her new husband and treats his cough while Sass is gone.
• Koly learns that Hari is dying.

• Koly is told she will accompany Hari and his parents to the Ganges River.

Chapter 3

• Against his doctor's advice, Hari and his family travel to Varanasi.
• Hari is taken to the healing waters of the Ganges in a cot.
• Hari dies and Koly becomes a widow at 13.

Chapter 4

• Sass begins a quilt to remember Hari.
• An envelope arrives in Koly's name each week.
• Sassur teaches Koly how to read.

Chapter 5

• Koly is forced to give...

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