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Yaa Gyasi
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Northerners begin to scar the faces of their children?
(a) To make them too ugly to be sold.
(b) To make them more attractive to the opposite sex.
(c) To show off their tribal art.
(d) To instill respect for their elders.

2. How have Kojo and Anna named their children?
(a) By the constellations.
(b) By the states in the union.
(c) By their African ancestry.
(d) By the letters of the alphabet.

3. Who marries Effia?
(a) An unnamed Fante man.
(b) Todd Phillips.
(c) James Collins.
(d) An unnamed British soldier.

4. Where does Kojo Freeman live?
(a) Jackson, Mississippi.
(b) Montgomery, Alabama.
(c) Baltimore, Maryland.
(d) New Orleans, Louisiana.

5. Why does Fiifi want Quey to marry Nana Yaa?
(a) To create a peace between the Asantes and the Fantes.
(b) To gain the respect of all the tribes.
(c) To ensure that Quey will have an inheritance.
(d) To make the British angry.

6. What is another name for the Fugitive Slave Act?
(a) The Return Law.
(b) The Bloodhound Law.
(c) The Anti-Slavery Law.
(d) The Revocation Law.

7. How does Esi attempt to befriend Abronoma?
(a) She sends a message to Abronoma's fiance.
(b) She cleans for Abronoma.
(c) She sends a message to Abronoma's father.
(d) She tells Abronoma stories.

8. Who is Quey's father?
(a) James Collins.
(b) Cobbe Otcher.
(c) Kojo.
(d) Sam.

9. Why does Baaba begin beating Effia?
(a) Effia dropped Fiifi.
(b) Effia stole a yam.
(c) Effia lied to Cobbe.
(d) Effia lost the black stone.

10. Why does Mr. Mathison insist on calling Kojo by his full name?
(a) He cannot pronounce the nickname.
(b) He says that shortening the name of a man is the first step in destroying his identity.
(c) He likes that it means, "boy born on a Monday."
(d) He insists on formality.

11. Who helps James fake his death?
(a) A Fante woman.
(b) An Asante soldier.
(c) An Asante woman.
(d) A Fante man.

12. What does Adwoa convince Effia to put under the bed to enhance fertility?
(a) White sheets.
(b) Large roots.
(c) Small stones.
(d) Black clothes.

13. How does Akosua treat James at their first meeting?
(a) She bows to her leader.
(b) She claims to be a princess.
(c) She spits in his face.
(d) She refuses to shake his hand.

14. What does the Devil do when he finds Sam and Ness?
(a) Takes Kojo away from them.
(b) Sets them both free.
(c) Beats them both and then splits them up.
(d) Beats Ness and lynches Sam.

15. Who is Quey's first friend?
(a) Abeeku.
(b) Kojo.
(c) Fiifi.
(d) Cudjo.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was James born?

2. What is the most likely reason that Pinky and Ness connect so closely?

3. Who are Esi's parents?

4. Akosua mentions some new tribes and countries that are involved in the slave trade. What are they?

5. Where has Ness NOT been a slave?

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