Homegoing Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Yaa Gyasi
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1. What catastrophe occurs the night Effia is born?

A fire.

2. The novel opens in what place?


3. Why does Baaba begin beating Effia?

Effia dropped Fiifi.

4. When a man wants to marry a village girl, what is a gift he does NOT offer the family?


5. Abeeku says that, under his rule, the village will not work for the British. What does he claim they will do instead?

Work with the British.

6. What is Abeeku's nickname for Effia?

The Beauty.

7. What does Baaba ask Effia to hide from everyone else?

Her period.

8. What is special about Millicent?

She is the daughter of a village woman and British man.

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