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Yaa Gyasi
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12: "Sonny" .

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the summer of 1964, what is going on in Harlem?
(a) A blackout.
(b) The Women's March.
(c) Nothing much.
(d) Race riots.

2. Why does Abena feel so rejected?
(a) She is 25 and unwed.
(b) She has been exiled from her village.
(c) She has been nicknamed "The Ugly."
(d) She has no home of her own.

3. Why is Quey sent to England for school?
(a) James catches Quey and Cudjo drinking.
(b) Effia thinks her boy deserves the best education.
(c) James catches Quey and Cudjo in an erotic embrace.
(d) Effia wants the family to move to London.

4. What is Kojo convinced has happened to Anna and Baby H?
(a) That they died in a terrible accident.
(b) That they ran away willingly.
(c) That they are in a hospital together.
(d) That they have been kidnapped and sold.

5. What did Quey witness while he was in England?
(a) The terrible treatment of people of color.
(b) Architecture and important scenery.
(c) Women in all their glory.
(d) The sights and sound sounds of the big city.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does James flee when he pretends to be travelling with Effia?

2. Why do the English men call their African wives "wenches?"

3. The novel opens in what place?

4. Why is Amani uninterested in going to Africa?

5. What does Baltimore represent for the black men there?

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