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Yaa Gyasi
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Ten: "Willie" .

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Esi in the soldier's quarters?
(a) He kisses her kindly and offers her water.
(b) Several soldiers take her black stone.
(c) He threatens her with a whip and rapes her.
(d) He tells her he wants to take her to America.

2. What is the daily coal quota each man must meet?
(a) Twenty pounds.
(b) Two thousand pounds.
(c) Fourteen thousand pounds.
(d) Ten tons.

3. Who marries Effia?
(a) Todd Phillips.
(b) An unnamed Fante man.
(c) James Collins.
(d) An unnamed British soldier.

4. What song does Willie sing at her parents' funeral?
(a) I Shall Wear a Crown.
(b) Beulah Land.
(c) Amazing Grace.
(d) I'll Fly Away.

5. What is another name for the Fugitive Slave Act?
(a) The Bloodhound Law.
(b) The Anti-Slavery Law.
(c) The Return Law.
(d) The Revocation Law.

Short Answer Questions

1. Akosua mentions some new tribes and countries that are involved in the slave trade. What are they?

2. What is the name of James Collins's British wife?

3. Who are Akua's parents?

4. Why does Mr. Mathison warn Kojo to take the family north?

5. How does Ness protect Kojo?

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