Objects & Places from Homegoing

Yaa Gyasi
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These are the main food source for the African villagers, and they are used as gifts and as payment for wives.

The Black Stone Pendant

This object is passed along through the generations of the family. It represents connection, pain, and ultimately, forgiveness, as it is passed from Marjorie to Marcus.

Cape Coast Castle

This place is where Effia and James Collins live with the other British soldiers and their wenches. It represents the great disconnect between those in the power of the slave trade and the people held captive and sold as slaves.

The Dungeon

This place is where the African slaves are kept prisoner before being shipped out from the Cape Coast Castle. It is the hidden truth of slavery and is a place of great suffering.


The novel begins and progresses with the use of this powerful symbol of destruction, cleansing, and murder...

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