Homegoing Fun Activities

Yaa Gyasi
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Write A Poem

Write a poem about one of the characters of the novel.

Write A Letter

Write a letter from one of the main characters to a person who is important to him or her.

Create A Soundtrack

Make a list of the 10 songs you would use for the key scenes of the Homegoing. Be sure to write a couple of sentences about what passage you chose for each song and support your reasoning. Be sure to include songs from different time periods and genres.

Create A Timeline

Create a timeline that follows Effia and Esi and their offspring through the generations. Include the major points in the plot.

Illustrate A Family Tree

The novel begins with an outline of the family tree of Effia and Esi. Take that outline and illustrate it, being sure to reveal key characteristics of each character listed.

Learn Some Twi


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