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Yaa Gyasi
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Essay Topic 1

Homegoing explores several different husband-wife relationships between village women and British men. Select two of those relationships and discuss how those relationships can be compared and contrasted.

Essay Topic 2

At the end of Chapter One, we come to realize that Baaba never was Effia’s mother. Write an essay in which you explore how this new knowledge helps clarify Baaba’s choices for Effia.

Essay Topic 3

Both Quey and Effia struggle understand James Collins and his ability to treat Akan people so savagely. Write an essay in which you detail Collins's motivation and his ability to differentiate between his family members and the Africans he views as cattle.

Essay Topic 4

Write an essay detailing the importance of the black stone motif.

Essay Topic 5

Write an essay detailing how true historical events impact the characters and action of Homegoing.

Essay Topic 6

Write and essay detailing how tribal...

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