Homegoing Character Descriptions

Yaa Gyasi
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Effia Otcher

This person is born on the night of the fire storm and known as The Beauty. The Fante line of the family tree begins with this person and her union with a British governor.

Fiifi Otcher

This character is the adopted sibling of the The Beauty. This person goes on to be the leader of the Fante village while battling the Asantes and participating in the slave trade.

James Collins

This character is the British governor and is married to the first daughter of Maame. This person appears to live a double life connected to people from the village, but also responsible for the great suffering of those sold into slavery.


This character is the Asante child of Maame and Kwame Asare. This person is sold into slavery and becomes known as "Frownie" and has a child taken away in a slave trade.


This character...

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