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Yaa Gyasi
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Chapter One: "Effia"

• Effia Otcher was born in Fanteland, during a terrible fire.

• Cobbe Otcher, Effia’s father, left the baby with Baaba, his first wife.

• Cobbe went to see how much destruction the fire had caused, finding that seven yams had been lost.

• Cobbe returned home to find the baby Effia screaming.

• Cobbe told Baaba, “We will never again speak of what happened today” (1).

• Villagers believed that Effia was “born of fire” (1), so that was why Baaba had no milk to feed the baby.

• Cobbe’s second wife nursed the baby, but Effia could not feed properly, so she grew thin.

• Baaba would attempt to cover the baby’s screams with her hands.

• Cobbe demanded that Baaba should love Effia, but Baaba simply dreamed of leaving the child out in the wilderness at the mercy of the god called Nyame.

• When Effia was three, Baaba had a...

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