Home to Harlem Character Descriptions

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Jake, Jake Brown

This is the main character of the story.


This is the main character's friend who is often unemployed.

Ray, the Haitian Waiter

This character is Haitian, and meets the main character while working on a train.

Rose, Congo Rose

This character is a singer in the Congo cabaret.

Billy Biasse, Billy the Wolf

This character runs a gambling house, and is known as a lone wolf.

Susy, Ginhead Susy

This character lives on Myrtle Avenue and holds gin parties.

Miss Curdy

This character is the friend of the character who lives on Myrtle Avenue.

Yaller Prince

This character is light-skinned, and turns out to be a pimp.

Felice, the Long Lost Brown Woman

This character goes to work in Palm Beach.

The Chef

This character is made to have a hysterical fit in front of another character and is demoted.

The Pantryman

This character...

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