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Shamsie, Kamila
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Parvaiz Pasha

This character enjoys recording sounds. After being recruited, he leaves his home in London to join a jihadist group as a part of the media team.

Isma Pasha

This character is originally from London and is now a PhD student at Amherst. She raised her siblings after the death of her mother. She falls in love with the son of Britain’s home security minister.

Karamat Lone

This character is a London Politician from a Pakistani Muslim background. The character is promoted to Britain’s Home Security minister.

Eamonn Lone

This character is a second generation Pakistani from London who has grown up in his father’s shadow. He becomes close to the sisters in a family that is closer to his than he realizes.

Terry Lone

This character is a interior designer with a chain to her name who fell in love and married after one...

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