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Shamsie, Kamila
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Chapter One

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Shamsie, Kamila. Home Fire. Riverhead Books New York, 2017.

• This section begins from Isma’s point of view.

• Isma is at the interrogation room of the airport where she has been stopped from boarding her flight.

• The interrogation continues for two hours, and the officer records her answers and searches through her luggage and laptop.

• When the interrogation is over, Isma thinks back to Aneeka, her sister, and how a part of her wants to return to her sister.

• A thought flickers in Isma's mind of Parvaiz, whom we do not know at this time is her brother, but the thought is pushed down.

• The woman officer comes back in and Aneeka is handed back a boarding pass for the plane which has already left.

• Isma thanks the officer as she leaves.

• Isma arrives...

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