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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which country supplies arms to the Republicans?
(a) USSR.
(b) Italy.
(c) Germany.
(d) Britain.

2. What kind of drink do the soldiers have plenty of?
(a) Water.
(b) Beer.
(c) Wine.
(d) Vodka.

3. Whose political ideology did the POUM follow?
(a) Mussolini.
(b) Stalin.
(c) Hitler.
(d) Trotsky.

4. Who does the militia fight in Zaragoza?
(a) The Fascists.
(b) The Nationalists.
(c) The Communists.
(d) The Capitalists.

5. What happens on April 25, 1937?
(a) Orwell makes his escape.
(b) Orwell's unit is taken captive.
(c) Orwell's unit is relieved.
(d) The Fascists surrender.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Orwell say pistols are almost unobtainable?

2. What does Orwell say has returned to Barcelona?

3. What kind of weapons is the militia issued?

4. Where does the militia march to after getting armed?

5. Who takes all the patients' belongings while Orwell is in hospital?

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