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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the government's heavily armed police force exclude?
(a) Anarchists.
(b) Stalinists.
(c) Fascist officers.
(d) Trade union members.

2. Where was POUM based?
(a) Barcelona.
(b) Madrid.
(c) Lyrida.
(d) Zaragoza.

3. Which military group in Spain did Stalin suppress?
(a) CNC.
(b) JOUPE.
(c) FAI.
(d) POUM.

4. Which country supplies arms to the Republicans?
(a) Italy.
(b) Germany.
(c) USSR.
(d) Britain.

5. What form of transport does Orwell take to Lyrida?
(a) Airplane.
(b) Train.
(c) Ship.
(d) Bus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of insect rises from the ground?

2. Who is the leader of the nationalists?

3. Where does Orwell's unit march to?

4. What does the Spanish government order everyone to surrender?

5. Which group publicly distanced itself from The Friends of Durruti's poster?

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