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Michael Baigent
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Saint-Guilhelm-le-Desert?
(a) Cathedral.
(b) Region in southern France.
(c) Monastery.
(d) School.

2. The Holy Grail originally revolved around which of the following?
(a) Fertility.
(b) Wealth.
(c) Political power.
(d) Servitude.

3. What were the names of the two halves of Palestine?
(a) Nazareth and Judea.
(b) Judea and Galilee.
(c) Carpathia and Bethlehem.
(d) Galilee and Carpathia.

4. The Merovingians were reputed to be able to perform what task?
(a) Divination.
(b) Alchemy.
(c) Walking on water.
(d) Magic.

5. The tribe may have been worshipers of which person?
(a) Brutus.
(b) Belial.
(c) Baal.
(d) Benjamin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Gospel suggested Joseph of Aremathea was a friend of Pontius Pilate?

2. What was one of the most sacred symbols for the Merovingians?

3. What other tribe was the important tribe's arch nemesis?

4. Who served as the new king to the Moors' conquered region?

5. Historians are desperate to trace the Merovingian bloodline previous to activity in what city?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name at least two clues followed by the authors in connecting Jesus to the Merovingians.

2. What does the Bible have to say about the tribes of Israel?

3. Explain some of von Eschenbach's theories on the Grail.

4. Describe the authors' views on the children of Jesus and Mary.

5. Give two examples of controversial text included in the Gnostic writings.

6. Who was Abbe Ducaud-Bourget? What was the Abbe's relationship to the Pope?

7. Explain some of the items that were found in Childric I's tomb.

8. Discuss at least two theories about the history of the Merovingians.

9. What is the view of the authors on the conversion of Constantine?

10. What is the French Journal Officiel?

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