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Michael Baigent
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 4, Secret Documents.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the occupation of the person that became suddenly wealthy?
(a) Priest.
(b) Farmer.
(c) Midwife.
(d) Pharmacist.

2. The Cathars seemed to have an excess in what area?
(a) Wealth.
(b) Wives.
(c) Weapons possession.
(d) Political power.

3. Which of the following is considered to be the most important document?
(a) Dossiers Secrets.
(b) Dead Sea Scrolls.
(c) Holy Blood, Holy Grail.
(d) History of Rennes-le Chateau.

4. The Knights Templar often lived as what other group?
(a) Priests.
(b) Nomads.
(c) Military soldiers.
(d) Peasants.

5. The Knights Templar in Bezu were basically immune to which historic happening?
(a) Inquisition.
(b) Columbus' discovery of the New World.
(c) Signing of the Magna Carta.
(d) Renaissance.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Teutonic Knights were often known for which of the following?

2. According to the author, which is not mentioned in the primary collection?

3. How many members were in the original group of cross bearing soldiers?

4. What is another name for a Cathar priest?

5. What religious group is not mentioned in this chapter?

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