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Kenneth Anger
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the United States Attorney during the time of Prohibition?

2. What type of actors were labeled "Box Office Poison"?

3. How many abortions did Joan Barry undergo while preparing for a new role?

4. Who was Thelma Todd's lover?

5. Where was Thelma Todd found dead?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why and how were many politicians against the movie industry?

2. How did Joan Barry prepare for her movie roles?

3. Why was Hopper so critical of Charlie Chaplin?

4. Why was Charlie Chaplin such a part of scandalous headlines?

5. Describe the "suicide syndrome" of the 1940s.

6. Describe the "preservation for American ideals."

7. What scandal involved Mae West?

8. What transitions did the Jazz Age include?

9. Describe Charlie Chaplin's relationship with Joan Barry.

10. What was the Astor-Thorpe scandal?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze three different stars and their personal lives. How does each of these stars have a life that corresponds to film?

Essay Topic 2

Compare Hollywood's Golden Age to modern Hollywood. Consider the caliber of celebrities, how celebrities are portrayed, and how drug culture influences the film industry.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the controversy that appeared after "Confidential" came out. How did the gossip rag fare with the Trial of a Hundred Stars? What did this mean for future gossip magazines? What precedent did this trial set?

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