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Kenneth Anger
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Chaplin's first wife?
(a) Mercy Horace.
(b) Mildred Harris.
(c) Melanie Hopkins.
(d) Mary Hanson.

2. In what year did Lillita and Chaplin meet?
(a) 1915.
(b) 1925.
(c) 1910.
(d) 1935.

3. How many witnesses were there at Hearst's trial?
(a) 4.
(b) 8.
(c) 2.
(d) 1.

4. Who found William Desmond Taylor's body?
(a) His boss.
(b) Mary Mills.
(c) Fatty Arbuckle.
(d) His servant.

5. What nickname was used in reference to Hays?
(a) Shifty.
(b) Surely.
(c) Shanty.
(d) Skimpy.

6. What was Olive Thomas clutching when she was found dead?
(a) Alcohol.
(b) Heroin.
(c) Cocaine.
(d) Mercury granules.

7. What was referred to as "joy powder"?
(a) Marijuana.
(b) The film industry.
(c) Cocaine.
(d) Anti-depressants.

8. What was Fatty Arbuckle's real first name?
(a) Gregory.
(b) Dayton.
(c) Gordon.
(d) Roscoe.

9. What was the name of one of the scandalous headline writers?
(a) Hilda Highness.
(b) Heidi Hellis.
(c) Hanny Harper.
(d) Hedda Hopper.

10. What caused Valentino's death?
(a) Syphilis.
(b) Gunshot wound.
(c) Ruptured appendix.
(d) Poison.

11. Who was Mary Mills' mother?
(a) Carissa Sutten.
(b) Charlotte Shelby.
(c) Christine Sheraton.
(d) Caylee Shemp.

12. Whom was the party held for that was given by Hearst and attended by Chaplin?
(a) Hearst.
(b) Chaplin.
(c) Davies.
(d) Ince.

13. What was Lillita's mother's occupation?
(a) Waitress.
(b) Writer.
(c) Secretary.
(d) Actress.

14. Players-Lasky was a subsidiary of______________.
(a) Sony.
(b) Paramount.
(c) Universal.
(d) Warner Bros.

15. When did Griffith's extravagant court come together?
(a) 1915.
(b) 1925.
(c) 1905.
(d) 1935.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Mary Mills' profession?

2. At the time of his second divorce, how much was Chaplin worth?

3. How many names were in the Doom Book?

4. How much money did Clara Bow pay after having an affair?

5. Who was dubbed the "Hottest Jazz Baby in Films"?

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