Objects & Places from Hollywood Babylon

Kenneth Anger
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This location was a haven for the up and coming movie industry.


This was by far the biggest movie studio in Hollywood during the silent era and golden age of Hollywood.

Sunset Boulevard

This was a popular location, known for star sightings.


This was a movie studio operated by Louis B. Mayer.


This place was home to Charlie Chaplin and location of Hearst's St. Donat's Castle

San Francisco

This city was used by the Hollywood elite to escape.

Los Angeles

This was the city of the stars.

United Artists

This was the studio founded by Charlie Chaplin, DW Griffith, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks.

New York

This place was home to famous performers and actors, such as Mae West and Bugsy Siegel.


This is the site where many of the stars' fates were decided by the system.

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