Daily Lessons for Teaching Hollywood Babylon

Kenneth Anger
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-9)


Chapters 1-9

DW Griffith went above and beyond the standards typical of Hollywood during his time. He used outrageous props and paid about 4,000 extras the high salary of $2 a day. Griffith sought to prove a point with his extravagance, and he impressed many on the set of "Babylon." This lesson will focus on Griffith and how he set high standards for Hollywood by exceeding those already set.


1) Class Discussion: Griffith's "Babylon" included large elephants on the set and more than 4,000 extras. How does this set a high standard for Hollywood? What types of sets did Hollywood films typically have before Griffith entered the scene?

2) Group Discussion: Examine Griffith's props on the set of Babylon. Can you think of any similar examples of directors and producers exceeding popular standards? Compare these examples to Griffith's. Which do you think is more outlandish for its time?

3) Individual Assignment...

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